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Below is a complete list of our state wide numbers you can call to reach our Customer Service Center:

(800) 783-1973 Toll Free
(602) 900-1722 Central Phoenix
(623) 878-7400 West Valley
(623) 537-3637 Northwest Valley
(480) 999-4396 East Valley
(520) 265-1977 Tucson & Pima County Area
(928) 458-7094 Northern Arizona

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Business hours:
8am until 5pm Monday - Friday.
Closed Saturday, Sunday and all major holidays.

We encourage you to email us at info@learnandgotrafficschool.com


Thank you for coming to Learn and Go Traffic School. Assisting the public in keeping their driving record clean is only one part-- educating them can save their life. I hope to encourage every student to practice patience and tolerance by viewing every driver on the road as an extension of a family. Just think of how many lives that single driver may touch-- their children, parents, grandparents, friends, neighbors, coworkers, etc.

You see, it's more than just discussing defensive driving techniques or dismissing a citation every 12 months. I know this is a crucial opportunity I have as a school owner to assist you with keeping your driving record clean and educate all students. You will learn about behavior modifications through practical and life saving tips that can be used every day, all year long.

I am proud to have the great responsibility, and to hold a respected platform, of an Arizona Supreme Court Approved Defensive Driving School. I look forward to assisting you, your family, and your friends year after year.


A.Wright, President.
Learn and Go Traffic School.

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